ABOUT Neatform

Neatform is a high quality bendable sheet material. It is a processed sheet of MDF, which is widely recommended by architects and designers and used by woodworkers where top quality curved shapes or surfaces are required.

Neatform has a smooth pre sanded (120 grit) surface, which makes it ideal for painting, veneering or laminating. Combine this with the consistency and dimensional stability of the high quality MDF used to make Neatform, it has become the preferred bendable material for many applications including: columns, counter fronts, wavy walls, ceilings, stage and film sets and commercial cabinet making.

Neatform can be attached directly to a framework or used to surface another material such as bending plywood. Alternatively, using the double skin technique, two sheets of Neatform can be glued together to create freestanding double sided curves, which enable greater design flexibility. Neatform can be used to fabricate lightweight components. Also, it can be used in conjunction with bending plywood to create components where structure, impact resistance and screw holding ability is important.